Eliminate the handling of health care payments by profit hungry corporations and return the power to the People to choose and pay for their own health care.

It is innately wrong to have our health care insurance industry driven by for-profit corporations. We should remove profit-motivated corporations from facilitating our health care payments. The power to pay for health care should instead be given directly to the people. Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) would empower Americans, by putting money in their pockets to pay for basic health care services.

A medical savings account (MSA) will allow for tax-deferred deposits to be made towards paying for medical expenses (instead of paying private insurance premiums). Withdrawals from the MSA are tax-free and must used to pay for qualified medical expenses. The MSA must be coupled with a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). In my plan this HDHP will be Medicare. MSA account funds can cover expenses related to most forms of health care, disability, dental care, vision care, and long-term care, paid directly to the health provider cutting out private insurance altogether.

All doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies should be mandated to list their costs and descriptions of products and procedures online. Americans would be empowered to use the money they would have spent on billion-dollar corporations and shop with their own money for the best quality and prices, driving down prices. To the extent there is any money saved, it should be kept by the individual to invest back into the economy. Medicare would be the payor of last resort, as a safety net in the event of catastrophic health events.


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