Federal Criminal Justice Reform

Reform the Federal Criminal Justice system by ensuring fairness and justice for the People.

Federal jurisdiction over our system of Criminal Justice has been vastly expanded and abused through the federal courts’ application of the Commerce Clause. Through this interpretation of the Commerce Clause, the courts’ have held that the mere use of a cell phone is said to create any state crime into a federal offense. We should end the overreach of federal jurisdiction into every aspect of our lives by leaving the primary duty of law enforcement to the states. In addition, we should end the practice in federal court of using “relevant conduct” (conduct for which an individual was not convicted of) to enhance punishment. And finally, the practice of a judge not informing an accused of what he will be sentenced to until after he pleads guilty should be changed. In order to facilitate plea bargaining, legislation should be passed to allow individuals to be informed of what sentence a judge is willing to give before a plea of guilty is taken to any charge.