Competitive Trade

Fight for Fair Trade and create an even playing field for the good of American Businesses for the benefit of the People.

Fair Trade – with nations that practice Fair Trade. No more Unilateral concessions. We should demand reciprocity. Nations that adopt a closed-door policy to America’s exports through tariffs or subsidies should not expect an open-door policy to America’s markets. In addition, to tariffs and subsidies, we should measure environmental and worker protections to ensure, from a cost of doing business perspective, that our companies are truly in fair competition with those companies based in other nations. For example,: If a nation has low worker and environmental protections, low wages, etc. we should institute a tariff. If a nation begins to increase those protections, then we can begin to lower our tariffs, until we reach a point where the environmental and worker protections in another nation equal our own. Likewise, if any nation imposes a tariff or other anti-trade policies on our businesses we should reciprocate with a tariff of our own. Only in the event that a country is truly operating on a fair and equal footing with the United States, will the United States agree to Free Trade with that nation, because only at that point will we have Fair Trade.